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How to Select Shante UPS Power Supply Monitoring System
Time:2019-07-19    Source:    Views:748
From the current way of market monitoring, the common Shante UPS monitoring system in the market is mainly UPS short message monitoring system and UPS network centralized monitoring system.

Short Message Monitoring System of Shante UPS Power Supply
The system is based on modern * communication technology, adding GSM MODEM short message transmission module on the basis of UPS network monitoring system, thus completing the short message monitoring and management of UPS operation status. The system is suitable for monitoring and managing the operation and malfunction of remote UPS by * short message under specific environmental conditions.

Shante UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Network Centralized Monitoring System

This system is mainly based on the Internet/Ethernet network platform, through the built-in TCP/IP network communication protocol and developed by the Weh reader or special monitoring software to stop the remote centralized management of UPS monitoring plan. The system has convenient Web Server management function module, which enables users to stop UPS real-time status query, fundamental information management, remote operation control, parameter setting, user management and other monitoring and management functions on any operating system platform through the Weh viewer. It is suitable for network centralized monitoring and management of remote UPS.


The extensibility of UPS monitoring system means that the number of monitoring objects can be increased by the monitoring system. Modularization is a trend of Shante UPS and UPS monitoring system. It is a major feature of UPS modularization that the capacity of UPS can be increased or decreased freely. Whether the various monitoring objects can be expanded freely is an important symbol of UPS monitoring system modularization. From the current situation of hardware equipment configuration in the computer room, it is the most urgent need for UPS users to complete comprehensive monitoring of UPS, and then to stop expanding monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity, leakage, access control, battery packs and other objects on demand.

Brand and Type Selection

Because the market of UPS monitoring system is lagging behind, the industry does not constitute a unified technical norm, each enterprise has its own faction and self-defined norms, which leads to the conflicting market situation of various UPS monitoring systems. Under the harsh market environment, how to choose the UPS monitoring system correctly becomes more difficult for UPS users, especially for the first time purchased users. At this time, it is more practical to choose a brand with good reputation than to simply understand what "monitoring mode", "compatibility" and "expansibility" are. Although good products do not necessarily belong to well-known brands, well-known brands generally mean high quality.  Because the composition of a well-known brand is the result of the long-term market test of demand and the final precipitation of the survival of the fittest in the market. Therefore, not looking at the publicity and brand has become the primary yardstick for consumers to choose and buy Electronic products. The uncompromising quality is the foundation for Shante UPS to become a market leader. As the first well-known UPS manufacturer to enter the Chinese market, Shante has passed ISO9000 International Quality Standard Certification and ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification. Its products have passed many industry certifications, such as Taylor Certification, State Administration of Radio and Television Network Certification, etc.



The compatibility of UPS monitoring system refers to the compatibility level of the system to multi-brand and multi-model UPS, that is, whether the system can complete multi-brand and multi-model UPS shared monitoring and management platform. In the early stage of UPS power supply system development, due to the few UPS manufacturers and the single brand, the coexistence of UPS with different brands in a computer room is rare, so the users are not very concerned about the multi-brand compatibility of the monitoring system. However, with the maturity of UPS market, the current industry computer rooms have undergone tremendous changes. In the same computer room, there are not only many brands of UPS coexisting, but also different versions of the same brand (i.e. models) of UPS coexisting because of different procurement time. In this situation, compatibility has become one of the important issues that UPS users need to consider when choosing UPS monitoring system. Compatibility has become an important criterion to judge the effectiveness of a UPS monitoring system.

After a series of analysis, we also understand that the most important thing is to pay attention to the selection of UPS power supply, and try to choose the consistency of monitoring system. The pre-construction of the computer room must be set aside in advance to prevent the increase of equipment in the post-construction period from affecting the overall monitoring effect in the later period.
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