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Development Trend of Parallel Redundancy of Shante UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
Time:2019-07-26    Source:    Views:831
Shante UPS parallel redundancy technology can not only increase the capacity of power supply system, but also better ensure the safety and stability of equipment power consumption. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the application of some precision equipment, and it has become a research hotspot of large-capacity UPS power supply system. Shante Xiaobian will talk about the parallel redundancy of UPS power supply for you. The trend of Yu's development.
1) Diversification of the number of parallel machines and the ways of parallel control
2) In the low-power Shante UPS power supply, more advanced parallel strategy has been realized at relatively low cost. At present, most of the parallel inverters are medium and large power UPS power supply. Therefore, in order to realize its parallel operation, increasing the cost of control circuit will not have a great impact on the total cost. The control circuit of ordinary low-power UPS uninterruptible power supply is generally simple, and its performance is not as good as that of high-power UPS. Therefore, to realize its parallel operation, the circuit design is a difficult thing.

3) Most of the UPS power supply systems in the future are based on multi-modular parallel operation current sharing control, and hot-swap maintenance is used to improve the performance of the whole system.
4) In order to complete the parallel connection of UPS discontinuous power supply, improve the performance and reduce the module size, the high frequency chain construction technology is mostly used. In the inverters, the power frequency transformer is reduced, and the volume and weight of the installation are greatly reduced. At the same time, the cost is saved and the complexity of the installation is reduced.
5) After the maturity of the new power switching device technology, many new control methods have been put forward to further improve the dynamic and static characteristics of the inverter, such as current feed-forward control on the basis of instantaneous voltage control, sliding film control based on variable structure theory. Space vector control, deadbeat control based on microprocessor and hysteresis current control are used in three-phase inverters. These new control methods greatly improve the performance of UPS discontinuous power supply.
6) In order to improve the control performance of the system and complete the complex algorithm of parallel control, it is better to adopt full digital control plan for UPS discontinuous power supply control, such as using single chip computer or DSP to complete the detection, operation and control of the system. Advanced control technology is one of the essential key technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of converter circuit. The direction of converter circuit control technology is digitalization. Digital control makes all kinds of complex control algorithms easy to complete, and further reduces the volume and weight of equipment, and improves the accuracy and performance.
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