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Modular Shante UPS Power Supply Stable, Efficient and Reliable
Time:2019-09-02    Source:    Views:698
With the development and maturity of new IT technologies such as Internet, cloud computing and big data, data centers have made great progress in both hardware and software technologies. However, with the rapid growth of network data communication, the increasing amount of data and the increasing degree of system integration in data centers, the contradiction between the establishment of traditional data centers and the higher demands of users has become increasingly prominent: subsystems are becoming more and more complex, traditional data centers can not be centralized management; storage and disposal of talent. It is too weak to carry the data of the enterprise's existing business system; IDC space is limited, the original expansion plan can not be completed; the expansion budget of the equipment room will double; energy efficiency and environmental protection can not reach the national plea; the establishment cycle is long, and so on.

As a result, the micro-module data center was born. Taking Shante UPS power supply micro-module data center as an example, it breaks the traditional way of data center establishment, turns the disposal scheme into products, modularizes the products, completes the overall commissioning of data center through simple assembly and connection, and effectively satisfies the user's efficient, reliable, fast, flexible and intelligent management of data center in the cloud period. Reasonable needs have greatly saved the cost of time, space and manpower.

UPS (Discontinuous Power Supply) is an important part of data center, which provides critical power maintenance and reliable backup power supply when the suffix occurs. But just as servers consume electricity, generate heat, and require continuous cooling to operate safely, so do UPS devices.

In the past, the largest UPS power supply deployed in data centers was large tower equipment. Using traditional technology, only 80% to 90% of the workload was needed to reach the optimal efficiency. Such UPS devices are often deployed too much in initial installation to provide the necessary redundancy, which means that they often operate under low load, inefficient and waste a lot of power. In addition, these large tower UPS also emit a lot of heat, so a lot of cooling is needed. (Of course, tower UPS is widely used in some projects because of its advantages.) This has affected the efficiency of many data centers, and with the progress of modular UPS, this situation has been improved.

Modular UPS system is not a huge and inefficient independent tower equipment, but consists of several smaller frame mounting units, which are connected in parallel to provide the necessary power and redundancy. Its capacity closely matches the load requirements of the user's data center, and can be easily expanded at any time when expanding. Other modules can be simply added on the basis of "pay on demand".

Modular UPS does not contain transformers, and it can provide up to 5% efficiency improvement, while its load curve efficiency is up to 96%, which is far beyond the function of low-efficiency power frequency UPS. In theory, the modular UPS system can improve its efficiency to 99% by running in an economic way, but this demand for performance improvement can expose critical loads to the risk of market shaking.

Modular UPS devices are smaller, lighter, generate less heat, occupy less space, and are easier to maintain. In addition, its modular design is "hot swap", so assuming that there are module defects or failures, they can be discontinued without the power maintenance system online. Next, we take Shante UPS power supply series modular UPS as an example to illustrate.

Modular UPS is a professional all-digital power supply product. They adopt modular design and have the characteristics of simple installation, green energy saving, convenient maintenance, safety, reliability, intelligence, high efficiency, convenient expansion and so on.

Easy installation

Frame modular design, module compatible with 19 inch standard frame, very conducive to machine room installation, can complete rapid installation, shorten the construction cycle, reduce construction costs, improve efficiency;

According to the size of the computer room and the power consumption of the single cabinet, single row and double row can be flexibly selected to meet the request for expansion.

Suitable for enterprise web and internal business, IT cabinet can flexibly install server, storage, network equipment and so on.

Green Energy Conservation

The input power factor is more than 0.99, the input harmonic is less than 3%, the efficiency of the whole machine is over 95%, and the intelligent dormancy function is used to effectively improve the energy efficiency of the whole machine.

The data center PUE equipped with modular PDU can be reduced to less than 1.4, which can save more than 40% energy compared with the traditional computer room.

The blocked cold passage improves the overall refrigeration efficiency of the engine room, reduces energy costs and reduces carbon emissions.

Maintenance facilities

The host is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch display screen, which is easy to operate.

Using module ID self-identification technology, the maintenance operation can be completed in only a few minutes without manual setting in one step.

The function of key waveform recording also provides great convenience for defect analysis.

Intelligent monitoring system of power environment can meet the needs of computer room managers in multi-channel management, send out alarm information in real time, facilitate accurate positioning of equipment and sensors, and complete rapid response.

The monitoring and static bypass modules can be hot-plugged online, and each power module is controlled independently, which avoids the risk of single-point shortcomings.

Users of SNMP network management card can monitor and control UPS system remotely through the network, and can also stop and monitor multiple devices simultaneously through the supporting remote monitoring box.

Safety and reliability

Modular UPS power supply and distribution system uses 2N to complete redundant design, to meet the design requirements of the computer room, and to improve the safety level;

The movable roof is used at the top of the sealed cold passage, which is linked with fire fighting and does not affect the gas fire extinguishing system.
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