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Product Name:山特UPS电源K series (500VA~/1000VA-Pro)
Product Detailed:

Product introduction 

K series PC is suitable for the enterprises and institutions, government, scientific research, transportation, national defense, information and education and other industries UPS, router, POS, communications and industrial products, etc.. Using CPU comprehensive control technology, to power, high and low voltage, surge, peak power, Shun became abnormal situation can make the response and accurate processing, anti surge protection socket can also provide protection for laser printing and other special equipment. K series UPS also has automatic startup, automatic voltage regulator function, the input voltage range is very wide, can be applied to all kinds of complex power environment. UPS K500/1000-Pro is a new generation of Knight (K) family. It specifically for personal PC, small workstations and industrial product design, with automatic voltage regulator output function, can effectively filter out all kinds of power interference. Advanced manufacturing technology and the application of SMD surface mount technology and CPU integrated control technology, the performance of UPS K500/1000-Pro is more reliable. Power to all kinds of power problems (power, short circuit, overload, high and low pressure, sudden wave) to make accurate and reliable processing, to provide a full range of protection. Independent anti surge protection socket not only protects the PC, but also to the printer, router, scanner, Modem and other related peripherals to provide power for anti surge protection. Auto power on the city, UPS in battery mode discharge to power off; when the power is restored, the UPS can be automatically switched on, the power management to facilitate the unattended situation. Wide voltage / frequency input UPS K500/1000-Pro input voltage range of 162VAC~268VAC, frequency range 45Hz~55Hz, and provide reliable and stable power output. More collocation generator use. (other similar products usually do not have such a wide input range) on the self-test function, can automatically simulate the power status, the inverter, battery self-test, and make accurate and reliable judgment, improve the safety of the load. More convenient management function panel simple, easy to operate. With DC power function, anytime, anywhere, convenient for your use. High - quality batteries, power is durable, reliable, can provide ample reserve time. Human nature of the design of the ultra quiet design, but also you a quiet working environment.

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