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Product Name:山特UPS电源城堡3C系列 (3C10-20kVA)
Product Detailed:
Product introduction castle series of new generation 3C10KS ~ 3C20KS heritage of a generation of products of good quality, the use of dual conversion pure online architecture, beautiful appearance, product performance and product reliability greatly improved. The power grid power, the voltage is too high or too low, voltage sags or reduced shock, high-voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, voltage surge, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuation condition provides the ideal solution to provide safe and reliable power supply for user load. Castle series 3C10KS ~ 3C20KS is a strong adaptability, configuration of flexible production, the use of advanced DSP digital control technology, provides a very rich can expand the function, the user can be configured according to the need to be flexible.
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Add:Chaoyang District Wangjing Beijing garden building 25, 6032  Tel:400-827-8891    
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