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Product Name:3C3 EX系列 (20KS~80KS)
Product Detailed:

Product description castle EX 3C3 series double conversion structure, is a three phase high frequency UPS. This product is suitable for small and medium sized data center, network management center, enterprise server room, the instantaneous voltage sag or damping shock, high-voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, voltage surge, harmonic distortion, frequency fluctuation and other conditions can provide a good solution to provide safe and reliable power supply for user load. EX 3C3 series (20KS~80KS

The technical parameters of the castle EX 3C3 series UPS each phase by a separate PFC circuit to convert AC into DC and then through the inverter (Inverter) will be converted into AC output. At the same time, provide a separate controller, the PFC circuit for real-time control and data acquisition, in order to make the whole system more coordinated operation / more timely to the system state feedback to the user. At the same time, through the control of the battery charging mode, the service life of the battery can be effectively prolonged. The input structure of the dual market improves the reliability of the whole system. EX 3C3 series products have also increased the protection level of the system, so that the product can be stable operation in the dust of the industrial environment. Protection grade can reach IP21 industrial environmental protection performance standard excellent under (to prevent solid objects larger than 12mm intrusion, to prevent the vertical drips into). In order to improve the dust prevention requirement, it can be matched with dust control module to improve the user's dust level in the industrial environment, and ensure the safety of UPS equipment in the harsh environment. N+X and machine redundancy (support and Machine Co battery) machine built-in and machine function, do not need to increase the external accessories, it can achieve the maximum 8 UPS parallel, convenient user to carry out low-cost system expansion. N represents the minimum number of UPS required by the load, and the X represents the UPS number of X, the higher the reliability of the system, the higher the reliability of the system. With the advanced control strategy, the system can be used to share a set of batteries, which can save the investment cost of the user. Intelligent management of battery charge and discharge advanced intelligent charging mode through the CPU control, UPS charger can be based on different environmental conditions, to modify the charging parameters, provide the most optimized battery charging mode. Design a number of various charging methods, according to the type of battery, battery section number and the use of battery state to choose the best way of charging. The scientific way of charging, the battery life has been extended. And can be added with the charging unit, so that the battery back to charge time is greatly shortened. The positive operation and maintenance functions take into account the effective utilization of the user space, modular design and maintenance, greatly shorten the time of the machine's fault repair, improve the availability of UPS. High protection of the dual market power input function according to the actual situation of the field with the electric input or single city electricity input, the use of electricity supply to the household to get more secure. Remote monitoring method with rich RS232/RS485, intelligent slot (Intelligent Slot) and other monitoring communication interface, can be loaded Santak CMC card, WebPower card to realize the function of remote monitoring and management, also provides a AS400 card to provide dry contact interface, convenient and flexible choice of customers for different monitoring requirements. High performance DSP processor full digital Ti high performance DSP control technology, so that the data processing accuracy, output performance will be more excellent, more reliable. Excellent electrical performance of the overall efficiency of up to 93%; provide ECO mode, so that the efficiency of up to 98%, reducing the power loss of UPS. China power grid to design requirements to provide a wide range of input voltage 210VAC~475VAC. Can be applied to the poor power grid environment. Excellent input frequency range so that UPS can adapt to different power supply equipment, etc.. IGBT inverter technology, the input power factor is 0.99, the input current harmonics is 3%, the output voltage and current performance is more excellent. Strong overload capacity: the load of 110-125% can run normally for 10 minutes, and the load of 125-150% can run normally for 1 minutes. And has the ability to output short circuit protection. The more flexible battery configuration EX 3C3 series UPS can be set by modifying the parameters of the flexible adjustment of the required configuration of each of the number of battery nodes (32, 30, or 28). By this function, the battery pack can be removed, which can effectively solve the problem of the battery life of the battery pack in the process of UPS use.

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